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Sarah Simpson, PsychD, MBPS, HCPC Registered, is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. Sarah trained in NHS, private and charity settings, providing psychotherapy for a range of client groups.  Sarah is especially interested in the mental health care of people with physical illness and her doctoral research focused on how clients and patients are 'heard' by professionals.

Sarah sees clients in her private practice.

Sarah Simpson

Jon Edge

We are psychotherapists with extensive NHS experience as clinicians and trainers

track record as champions for good communication skills in the care professions.  We have a reputation for engaging, energising and motivating staff, while modelling and stimulating self-reflective thinking and self-management.  Our services offer a unique combination of practical skills and theory with grounding in our psychotherapeutic experience.

Shiri Spector, PhD, MSc, MBACP, is a psychotherapist and a university lecturer combining throughout her career clinical and academic interests. Shiri was the head of the Counselling and Psychotherapy Department at King’s College Hospital and is currently honorary Consultant Psychotherapist at King’s College London's School of Medicine, where she is the clinical lead for the Student Psychotherapy Scheme.

Shiri provides psychotherapy and clinical supervision in her private practice, specialising in psychotherapy for people with medical illness.

Jon Edge, MSc, MA, BEd Hons, UKCP, MBACP has across 25 years combined the professions of counselling and teaching in one person.

For twelve years he was a tutor in counselling at Birkbeck College and a visiting lecturer at City University, providing workshops and presentations to nurses and medical staff at St Bartholomews and the General London Hospitals. Principal psychotherapist at Kings’ College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust until recently, he runs a private psychotherapy practice in

south east London.

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