Psychotherapy for Healthcare
Reflective Practice: Train to become a facilitator

Online One-Day Workshop

A one-day specialist training for counsellors, nurses, managers and healthcare practitioners who want to learn how to set up and facilitate Reflective Practice groups.
Reflective Practice is well-recognised as a valuable tool for personal and professional development and for enhancing safe practice and well-being in the workplace. Skilled Reflective Practice facilitators are a valuable asset to many public and private organisations. Attending this training will provide you with the skills, knowledge and expertise to set up and facilitate Reflective Practice sessions in your organisation or as a private service, either online or in person.

● To increase your understanding of reflective practice
● To give you the skills and confidence to promote and set up reflective practice in your workplace
● To train you as a competent facilitator of Reflective Practice

● To clarify the nature and purpose of Reflective Practice (RP)
● To consider the practical aspects of setting up RP groups
● To understand the role and task of the RP facilitator
● To learn and to practise the skills of facilitating RP

10:00 Introduction
10:30 The Process of Reflection and its benefits
11:00 Practice: the work that we do and its impact on us

11:30 Coffee break

11:45 Models for Reflecting on Practice

12:45 Lunch break

13:30 The Competent Facilitator
14:00 Setting up Reflective Practice groups

14:45 Coffee break

15:00 Facilitating Reflective Practice: Skills Practice and Experiential Learning
15:45 Overview of the day